How to Apply for Housing

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by Larvale • 59 Posts

To apply for a home you must have the amount of posts required to purchase one, to see if you can afford a home or not multiply your post count by 1000. Prices are as follows:

*Pine Road-Where the upperclass often choose to live, Pine Road consists of large mansions spread out in a nice neighborhood, secluded by Rosemary Woods-Price $200,000
*Royalty Apartments-Located near Downtown Stone Blvd these apartments tower:
-Penthouses-Price $100,000
-Apartments-Price $98,000
*Elizabeth Street-Located right near downtown in Stone Blvd is a suburban neighborhood inhabited by the middle class, perfect for those who like to be close (but not too close) to downtown- $45,000
*Wilbrook Lane-Located just by The Slums are these once beautiful quaint homes, they are now falling apart-$31,000
*Misty Drive Mobile Homes-Located just near the slums is a trailer park where those who can't afford to live elsewhere inhabit-$22,000 [/list]

When applying for an apartment you must have all your images prepared already so that the mod is able to make the forum for you. Please post all housing applications in the Apply section. Please post:

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