Alice Pleasance

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PLEASANCE, ALICE. 16. Student at LHS.

"My name is Alice pleasance, born n' raised right here in Larvale. People may say I'm "insane" or whatever but I don't see that. People often say I'm "the real life Alice in Wonderland", well she was on drugs, and I don't do drugs...well actually I do."
Alice is a really fucked up kid. Her mother died when she was little and she started doing hallucinogens to escape the pain she felt after her mother's death. She truly is like as if Alice had come out of the book except modernized...and Canadian. Anyways she often likes being independent, her favorite thing is to go to the park and be in nature, she talks to the flowers when she is high and thinks they are her friends. Because she doesn't have many of those.

Alice was born and raised in Larvale, BC. At a very tender age Alice's mother died in a freak accident, and that led to Alice feeling alone despite having her father and older sister to talk to, although her cat Dina was always a comfort. When she was 13 Alice's father remarried which ripped her already screwed up life even more apart, not to mention the fact that her father married the most obnoxious woman Alice had ever met. The lady always made big deals over petty things and tried to make Alice call her "Mom". The wretch would even make Alice do all of the housework, Alice's sister left for college shortly after her father remarried and never got to experience their stepmother but when Alice would grieve to her about the woman she believed Alice.

Alessandra. 14. PM.

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