Vampire's Appearance and Behavior

in Vampire Information Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:35 pm
by Larvale • 59 Posts

Vampires will not be completely white but they will be at least a few shades lighter than when they were living. Vampires are meant to be attractive, just like wild animals, to attract their food. Of course not all vampires seduce their prey. Vampires fo not age and have a waxy look to them, they also have no working organs and do not breathe. Vampires are cold to touch and have no pulse as well.

-Some vampires language may seem very outdated (the old ones), but others try to keep up to date.
-Vampires do not eat or drink, other than blood of course, this is again because they have no working organs. Doing so would result in immediately vomiting what they had consumed.

Killing a Vampire
-Sunlight [Harm them by burning the skin horribly if they are in the sun for extensive periods of time]
-Beheading [Yeah they need their heads]
-Burning [Burn them up and you are rid of them for good]

Myths About Harming or Killing Vampires
-Holy Water [pshh yeah right]
-Garlic [unless you burn it and then use it to burn a vampire then it won't work]
-Weapons [they will appear dead, but are actually temporarily stunned, for a very short period of time]

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